Edit:  In addition to the Patanemo I put up yesterday, the 2nd Criollo, Mantuano, is also now available.  Enjoy my friends. Also, as you know, I don't traditionally push any products here.  And really this is no exception, as really I'm just passing along a product that I love.  Whole cocoa beans wrapped in three layers of chocolate - Dark, milk and white.  It is so much more than the whole.  If you are looking for something really special for the holidays, you have just enough time to get some ordered I think.  Cocoa Puro Kakawa chocolate covered Cocoa beans. ___________ I have a beautiful Patanemo (I love how that rolls off the tongue) Criollo in from Venezuela.  Delicate hints of gardenia and apple.  I only have a single bag, so check it out and don't let it pass you by if you want to try it.