Hi folks.  This is not how I wanted to head out of town and to the Chocolate Fest, but.... I am having computer issues, and my main system is going into the shop while I am away.  Unforunately that leaves me unable to fulfill a handful of orders or tell people directly that their orders are delayed.  My apologies.  That said, orders from January 17 (order number 7362 and higher) on won't be going out until I return on Monday, or possibly Tuesday.

And likewise I will not be answering e-mail until I am back.

On a better note, there will  be new Behmor 1600's available next week (I've made them available now) and a brand new origin cocoa - from Guatemala. 

This particular cocoa is very round and big with a nice mild flavor.  They come from a coop in Cahabn, Guatemala. Cahabn lies in the Alta Verapaz mountain chain in the state of Coban.  The people in the coop that grow these beans are from the indigenous tribe Kekchi Maya who are used to consuming cocoa in drink form as done in their culture for thousands of years.  They were in the past paid only very little for their cocoa by local brokers but now a contract has been drawn up which allows them to receive 4 times the price more.  All this extra money goes direct to the coop.  Much of the money pays for school for the children of the coop's members.  The extra income from their cocoa also will allow these people to plant more cocoa trees in some of the deforested lands in their area.

Until the other side.