Two new cocoa beans are recently in and available.  Both are available raw and roasted, and one of them I have decided to offer as a Brewing Cocoa. Bolivia - Organic 2011 - A couple months ago I had a beautiful, tiny wild Criollo from Bolivia.  It sold out very fast.  The is a different bean.  It's more traditional in pretty much all aspects.  It's traditionally grown, is of average size (95-100 g/100 beans)

Raw & Roasted

Ghana - 2011 It has hints of light biscuit, a little vanilla and of course the rather characteristic and “classic” earthy chocolate aroma.

Raw, Roasted & Brewing Cocoa

And of course, all of these are available in Wholesale if that is your need (excepting the brewing cocoa that is).

Finally, I will be heading out of town on Thursday for SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) annual convention.  Consequently on shipping on those days, and likewise I won't be answering e-mails.  I'll be back and shipping on Monday.

And I will point out that I am going (aside from the fact that I love coffee as much as chocolate) that I have been working as a technical adviser/consultant/developer on a new product that Behmor Inc is bring out - The Brazen Brewer  -  and it looks very promising that it will work very nicely for brewing Cocoa!.  Check it out.  The Brazen Brewer.  And if you will be at the show, don't forget to vote for the People's Choice awards (yes, I am shamelessly promoting this) - Text ECON2 to 86677 to vote for Behmor Inc.

Enjoy and see you next week.