That brings the currently number of cocoa bean offerings to a baker's dozen. "..... As a chocolate, the nuttiness stays on, along with the richness of medjool dates, molasses and interesting tobacco (leaf not smoke) notes...."

As always, it's available Retail, Wholesale, and both raw and roasted.

And I have confirmation that the alluded to container of Venezuelan are just about to hit the water.  It is all loaded and should arrive and be available sometime late September.  At which point another 4-5 cocoa bean types will be available. ven-container.jpg

And one other thing I will toss out there.  I have been experimenting with the Premier Wonder stone wet grinder.


I've actually been using one continuously for a year now.  Totally unmodified.  And it is working fantastic as a Melanger.  Why isn't it on the site you ask?  Well, there is an up side and a down side.  The up side is that it is UNDER $200.  And will refine 7-8 lbs of chocolate.  The down side is that the manufacture will not warranty it for chocolate.  So, if you go get it, mums the word about what you are using it for.  The don't say they exclude chocolate, but when they noticed the name (Chocolate Alchemy) they asked and I don't lie, and they said it would not be sold with a warranty.  So, as I said, mums the word.

That all said, I've run it hard.  It takes (warmed) nibs into liqueur great and fast.  It does not over heat.  It can run days on end.  And it's both half the weight (25 lbs total) and less than have the price of the 'official' Melangers but refines almost the same amount (about 80%).

So, if you get one, I would LOVE hearing about it.  Mine of course is just a single data point, but it's been great.

BTW, Psst, if you are into it, we are also now (finally) on Facebook.  If not, no worries, everything will still be posted here and via e-mail as before.