With Hurricane Sandy, some of my major supply chains have been disrupted.  Peru, Ecuador, La Red, Bolivian - they are all in short supply or out.  The warehouse storing them was flooded in parts, and damages are still being accessed.   At this point, they are projected another 2 weeks to know what is not damaged, but it's not looking good.  So, some standard favorites may be in short supply for a little while until new containers are in and available. But there seems to be a balance in life sometimes.  With the above beans becoming scarce, I'm please to announce 7 new beans in stock.  The long awaited Venezuelan.

These are all Ethically and Sustainably traded.  I am planning on using that phrase a bit more.  Chocolate Alchemy is working with Tisano who is on the ground in Venezuela, working side by side with the farmers.  Since Chocolate Alchemy is not actually there, Direct trade is not quite the right term, and since these are farm purchased, not co-op, they are not eligible for Fair Trade status. Amazonas - a wild harvested cocoa.  Wood & chocolate.

Cumboto -  this Ocumare strain bean comes from  a former slave founded village tucked away deep in the canyons of the Henri Pettier National Park.

Mantuano -  Delicate nuts, light berry (apricot and peach), the hint of the sea, and a slight touch of freshly cracked black pepper.

Ocumare -  An old favorite, and no exception this year.

Patanemo F1 & F2 -  From another former Slave village - the slaves ran away from the surrounding haciendas and hid in the mountains and started a little town called 'Pas Tenemos' - We have Peace, which over time turned to Patanemo. A great Criollo pale white beans with specks of pink. We work with the co-op here doing centralized collections, fermentation and drying.

Tricheras - Former Hacienda broken up and the land is now owned by the farmers  (one more day or so for the tasting notes)

and finally, although not from Venezuela, I have a small amount of bright, tangy Madagascar in.