With Hurricane Sandy last year, a lot of cocoa and cocoa supply chains were severely disrupted.  At nearly half a year later, most everything is back in order, old regulars are back in stock, and some new ones have come also.Belize - Organic and Direct Trade - NEW Origin Dominican Republic "La Red" Organic/DT is back

Dominican Republic "Elvasia" Organic/DT is new also.

Venezuelan Sur del Lago-2012/13 is back

In addition, I have something a touch novel, and I hope helpful.  Testing beans.  These are vastly inexpensive, and perfect for getting your feel for roasting, experimenting, and getting daring, and maybe, just maybe, having some neat surprises along the way.  Now, before anyone asks, there are no certifications on these, I don't know really anything about them except they are composite samples that one of my suppliers had around.  Knowing what I do, they passed them onto me (basically at the cost of shipping), and I am passing them on to you at effectively that same cost of shipping and doing business.  On the surface, this may look like I have beans that I am offering that could not have supported anyone (i.e. crappy prices to farmers, non-fair trade, dare I even mention slave labor? etc) but the story behind it is that, again, they were sample beans collected over time (i.e. there were no cost associated with except shipping) that simply would have been thrown out, but instead you get to benefit from them, and no one loses and it's frugality all the way around.

Test and evaluation Cocoa beans

That's it for now.  But with 17 different beans in stock, I hope that is sufficient for a little while...until the new tongue tingling Madagascar arrives.....