** 6/5/2014 - 6/23/2014 **
Travel notice. 

Hopefully, this will come to no surprise to anyone as I've announced it a few times.  I (the Alchemist) will be away at the World of Coffee in Italy.  The highlights as they will affect you:

  • I will be answering NO e-mails during that time.
  • Orders will still be accepted for Retail and Wholesale
  • Orders for Retail will ship as normal (the exception to this being Roasted beans if they sell out).
  • Order for Wholesale will ship as normal for non-bag and non-warehouse orders.

In my absence, orders will be handled by my Apprentice,Lara.  If you need to reach her specifically about an order in process or past, you can reach here at Apprentice at chocolate alchemy dot com  (Just as it sounds.  No spaces.  Nothing fancy) .  Please do not ask for special orders, troubleshooting or advice.  She simply does not have those answers.  Please respect that as I'm sure you will.

Ask the Alchemist will be on hold until my return.

And of course.  The new cocoa bean.  May I present Venezuelan Carupano Corona (Retail only until my return).  Go have a read. Ciao Alchemist