Another spat of basic but simple questions.  The first four guess are valid but always make me scratch my head given I promote making something you eat.  But there are no stupid questions, so here you are.

Is your cocoa butter food safe?


Is your lecithin food safe?


Are you chocolate molds food safe?


I’m told that beans run the risk of salmonella. Are nibs clean and ready for human consumption

The roasted nibs are clean and ready for consumption. The raw need roasting or yes, you do indeed run the risk of salmonella and e.coli.

I have bubbles in my chocolate.  Is it bad and fermenting?

No and no.  You simply worked too much air into it.  When you mold it up, take about a minute and rap the mold firmly on the counter.  It will dislodge the bubbles and you will see them rise to the top.  Professional chocolatiers often have shaker tables for just this reason.

Did you have a good time in Italy?