I have a tempering machine whose capacity is too small for my needs. But really works well. If I got a batch of tempered chocolate from the machine (still in melted form), and I mixed it with my manually worked batch of milk chocolate would my combined batch become well tempered? .

I am assuming this batch from the machine is equivalent to the seed. Must it first solidify.

However, its not clear at what point I add the seed. Is it after the final cooling and reheating or is it the first time when temperatures drop from 115 to 90?F. .

I feel like I never get to say yes some days. I’m always saying no, and poking holes in ideas that look great on the surface but in practice just don’t work out. .

But not today! .

Yes! You can absolutely do this. I can see no reason at all it would not work just fine. You are just making your own seed. .

It would look like this: .

Temper as much chocolate as you can in your tempering machine and hold it at your working temperature (86-90 depending on your chocolate type, lower for milk) .

1) Melt your bulk chocolate to 95-100 F and then cool to your seed’s working temperature. .

2) Mix your two chocolate together at your working temperature (86-90 F) and use your chocolate. .

The only caveats I have to give is you may want or need to insulate your bowl of tempered chocolate so you have enough working time. .

That’s it. .

And you even have another option potentially. Make a batch of tempered chocolate and let it set up. That is your seed. Melt the chocolate you want to work with according to step 2 above (heat to 100 F, cool to working temp) . Then add a piece of tempered chocolate to the rear area behind the baffle in your tempering machine. Let it run a few minutes. All the seed does not have to melt.

Now use the chocolate. When it is used (and seed is still in the back) just add more untempered chocolate to the front, wait a few minutes and repeat. This is classic seeding. The advantage (in theory) is that you won’t have to stir and keep your larger bowl of chocolate at the right temperature.