Announcing four new beans in stock.  Two new Peru plus the new crop of the old favorite.  Like I needed more Peru.  But these are great so you need them too! And the LONG awaited Wild Bolivia.Peru FT/Org - Oro Verde 2015 This is the 'standard' Peru that we have had for years - Fruit galore. Peru FT/Org - Lamas 2015  - This is the same region as the Oro Verde but with more nut flavors

Peru FT/Org - Tumbes 2015 - Very creamy with toasted wheat aromas.  This is a different 'Tumbes' than the 2013 crop.  It's a different source all together, hand picked for the quality and tastes.  The new(er) 2015 Tumbes will be in a couple months.  I hope that makes sense.

Bolivia Wild Harvest - Org 2014/15 - These are the wild harvested, tiny flavor packed Bolivia.  Sesame, toasted malt and dates.  And Organic to boot. That is two dozen beans to choose from people.  I hope you enjoy them.

We will see if I can get to Ask the Alchemist.  Clearly I've been busy tasting and getting these beans up for you.