First off, there is no telling how long these will be around.  I have a few hundred pounds of each at the moment.  If one or two in particular go over well, I may try and bring in a bit more.  Regardless, get them while they are here.

Ecuador - Cedeno  - The chocolate carries that aroma of fresh wheat and bright tangy rose.  There is a solid chocolate base, a touch of earthiness and a balancing acidity and fruit.


Ecuador Cultivagro  -A touch of oak wood plays well with the leather leaving a dry yet satisfying finish.


Ecuador - La Buceta - The chocolate’s aroma is tangy (a nice way to say softly acidic in a nice way) in the way of mace and cinnamon.


Ecuador - Pichincha - There is a floral malty sweetness over a solid chocolate backbone.  There is virtually no astringency


Up coming beans: A savory Mexican that I have approved the evaluation sample should soon be on the way.

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