How do I make cold brewed cocoa?

Only as of late have I experimented with this.

First off you can use any of the Brewing cocoas. Combine a couple heaping tablespoons in a pint of cold water, give it a shake and let it set for a day, then strain it off.  It could hardly be simpler.

I have heard of quite a number of people doing it that way and were happy.  In this case, you can also take roasted nibs, grind them yourself (in a blade grinder, never a burr grinder) and do the same thing.

I found I like the flavor a little better if I refrigerate it over night.

The final option that I am aware of is actually my favorite.  It gives a very clean flavor, and you have a couple options.

You can use the cocoa powder you get from the NutriChef Oil Press after you extract the cocoa butter.  As it comes out, the cocoa powder isn’t very powder like - partly because it still contains some measure (15-20%) cocoa powder (just like any cocoa powder).  But it disperses very nicely in water and extracts very well.  Oh, and no, it won't all dissolve.  Not even close.  But neither does coffee.

If you are going to try it, what I recommend is giving your fresh cocoa powder a grinding in a blade grinder.  It’s still going to kind of coarse compared to commercial powder, but that does not matter in the least.  Again, a couple tablespoons in a glass of cold water, into the refrigerator overnight, and you have a nice refreshing cold brew cocoa in the morning.

You will find it will have mostly settled out.  It is totally your choice if you decant it off or give it a shake and drink it as is.  The reduced fat content seems to allow more flavor to be extracted.

That’s it.  It’s pretty simple.

And while we are at it, I want to segue slightly to other uses of the fresh cocoa powder.  I’ve found that you can use it absolutely anywhere you would use commercial powder.  The flavor is fantastic.  Being fresh and all.  The slightly larger particles you never notice.  Cakes, brownies, cookies.  Any of those.  And my current favorite use is as a sort of an instant mole seasoning.

  • 4 T fresh cocoa powder
  • 1 T dried garlic
  • 1 T dried onion
  • 1 T paprika (smoked if you want)

Blend it all in a blade grinder and enjoy.  It is so rich and lovely.