It is getting more and more of a rare day that I can offer a new origin.  Today I get to.

Nigeria Akwa Igom - Direct Trade 2017.  It is available both Retail and Wholesale.

nigerian3 2017.jpg

It is a chocolate powerhouse, and bursting with spice (cinnamon) and dried fruitcake notes.  You may note the price is a touch higher than some.  That is often what comes with the territory of Direct trade.  Please keep that in mind.

Next up is another chocolate heavy weight.  This makes a big, full, round flavored chocolate.

Ecuador - Grupo Salinas Organic. 2017.  Also Retail and Wholesale.

Ecuador 2017 Organic Grupo Salinas.jpg

Also, Spectra has released a new larger Melanger, the Spectra 150.  As the name implies it will refine up to 150 lbs of chocolate.

Spectra 100.jpg