Have you heard about those new fancy meal services like Blue apron that delivers pre-portioned ingredients right to your door every week or month and you just have to follow the recipe and cook it up for a fresh meal?

Well, this is Chocolate Alchemy's version.  I have put together everything you need (minus the Melanger) to make chocolate on a monthly basis and get your fix of fresh homemade chocolate!

Roasted cocoa nibs, sugar, and other ingredients as needed - all weighed out and ready to go.

And it is Subscription based (that's the club part) so you only need to order once and it shows up until you decide to stop it.

There are lots of details so check them out.  

Chocolate Making kit of the Month Club

In addition, since we brought the software online to offer Subscriptions, you can now get a steady supply ofBrewing cocoa at whatever frequency you desire....with a discount for subscribing.

What do you think?  Is there anything else you want to to show up to your door every week or month?

That goes doubly true for an issues you find.  It's new software after all.

Please let me know.