If you have not heard of it yet, I suspect you are going to start hearing about Allulose.  And remember you heard it here first.

What it is?  It is a sugar.  

Why is that special?  Because it isn't a digestible sugar.

Isn't not being digestible a problem?  Nope.  Unlike some sugar alcohols that can cause some uncomfortable stomache issues, allulose just filters out through the kidneys with no ill effects.

Again, why is that special?  Because it tastes sweet and you can add it to chocolate to make a chocolate that tastes like chocolate that is 100% diabetic safe from everything I can find.  It has a Glycemic Index of 0

And the best new?  It doesn't taste funny.  No aftertaste and no weird cooling effect.

And to me, the news gets better.  I was able to get some that I'm offering to you..

Allulose - An alternative sweetener

So far I have called this both and alternative sweetener and an un-sugar.  Honestly I'm at a loss for a catchy description for it. It's partly because the FDA doesn't know what to do with it either.  It technically is a sugar so anything made with it can't be called sugar free.  Many sites are saying low calorie sweetener.

Chemist that I am I just think of it as allulose,  D-Psicose or an epimer of fructose.

    It is similar to Fructose in flavor.  That is to be expected as it is an epimer of Fructose as I just mentioned. I know most of you don't know what that means.  Look at the photo below.  One "OH" is flipped in the other direction.  That's it.

    A few more details.

    • ~70% as sweet as Sucrose
    • No aftertaste
    • No gastric upset
    • GI of 0

      The end result is that our taste buds react to it the same way but in the same way some people don't have the enzyme to digest lactose, humans don't have the enzyme to digest allulose.  

      How do you use it?  Just like granulated sugar but you need to use a little more.  The literature says it is closer to 80% sweet as sucrose (table sugar) but I found in testing that it actually took more to taste similar. 

      Go check it out for more details.  

      Oh, and right now it is Retail only due to price and availability.  I've actually been experimenting for 6 months and have just been able to get a shipment in.  

      To this date, no one I've had tasted it thought it was anything but traditional chocolate.

      Let me know if you have any questions.