We have the newest crop of an old favorite and two (soon three) new direct trade in.

BelizeOrg 2017 There is a floral component, lily initially moving to a sweet gardenia as the roast progresses.   There is sweet dried fig note that moves to raisin the farther you take the EOR.

Peru - Finca Santa Estela 2016 This is reasonably quiet and tame hinting a Criollo stock.  The aroma puts me in mind of a lightly hopped summer ale.

Peru - Cacao Ecologico Fundo El Triumfo Palcazu 2016 - a bit bright and tangy.  That tang comes through in good acidity along with a distinct clean astringency like Campari. 

In addition, Direct trade Fiji just arrived and will be available next week after I finish the final evaluation and tasting notes.