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Where do you get your spider charts?

Well, there go my best laid plans.  I wanted to discuss the contribution of water for ATA 212 given the boiling point of water, but life had other plans and I could not devote the time to do it justice.  The plan now is next week.  Onto this week.

I always assumed it was obvious I created the spider charts I put up with all my cocoa beans.  I don’t get them from the farms, cooperatives or my other suppliers, nor are they based on any tasting notes or reviews from other people who have made chocolate from the beans (like Peru Maranon).  They are 100% from me based on a standard 80% chocolate I make in house.

Here is how I go about it.

And for those of you paying attention, the Spider chart up there is for the new crop of Fiji that is now available.   Of course by the bag too.