Happy new year everyone.

Isn’t it amazing how things don’t quite go as planned?  Way back at the end of 2017, as we closed up shop for a much needed break I announced that we were approaching 20,000 retail orders.   To the lucky person who made retail order 20,000 I was giving it away free as a sign of gratitude of the support all these years.

As luck would have it, it turned out to be a recurring subscription order where the person who got it didn’t even really place the order.  And whereas the free order could have been up to $1000 this one was 2 lbs of brewing cocoa, barely totally $20.

Anti-climactic to say the least. 

I left a couple loopholes in the rules in case someone tried to take advantage of the offer, but also for just this case.

And so I am changing the rules of the giveaway.  Instead of giving just order 20000 their order for free, I am instead giving out 11 $50 Give Certificates of appreciation for the people with orders 19995 – 20005.

In other news, we have introduced 3 new Chocolate making Kits (and retiring the Novice, Apprentice and Alchemist kits).  You get to make some basic decisions about Dark, semi-sweet or milk and we deliver to you a plug and play kit all ready to go into your melanger.

Nutrichef Oil presses are back in stock if you want to press your own cocoa butter.