After all these years you would think I would start running out of firsts.  But this is again a first - a pair of beans from two different countries whose fermentation were set up and controlled by one person.  The result is a beautiful opportunity to notice the similarities that presumably occur due to one master fermenter.

The first is Ecuador Esmeraldas 2017/18 Direct Trade.  It is very possibly the cleanest Ecuador I've ever had.  The overarching impression for this bean is nuance and elegance.  The aroma starts off with warm ripe cherries and the flavors end in deep mocha goodness.  And look how beautiful they are.

Ecuador Esmeralda 2 2017.jpg


The other bean is out of Peru, from Ucayali River Cacao. 2017/18 Direct Trade The beans have a lovely floral component.  The chocolate opens with floral notes, namely plum blossom and delicate honeysuckle.  The flavor starts off  with a soft yet tangy first impression with a nuanced delivery of the other flavors.

peru ucayali.jpg

Both are exceedingly low in any distracting astringency or bitterness and scream nuance (how's that for a contradiction?)

I would really recommend getting these both together.  And don't forget, if you fill either of the USPS flat rate boxes with them, free shipping applies (with the appropriate codes - 8lbsfreeshipping and 12lbsfreeshipping respectively).

And I want to take this opportunity to tell everyone I will be away May 1-14 on a trip to Brazil.  I'll be teaching a couple roasting seminars and visiting farms.  Orders will still be accepted and shipped out although possibly with a little more delay than usual.  Please be patient and understanding as I know you all are.  I won't be answering any emails during that time so my standard 12-24 hour normal reply window isn't going to happen.  I'll be setting up a special email address if you have any issues or questions about your order.