Before I get to the new beans I want to let you know we have a new Sous Vide available from Nomiku  so you can make your own cocoa butter Silk again.

The new crop (Direct Trade) from Vietnam is in.  Three of them we have had before and there are two new ones.

Vietnam Ben Tre 2018 - The flavor is big and intense. It has tangy acidity of cherry pie and peach and the deep sharp flavor of raisins and a hefty does of chocolate. 

vietnam ben tre 2018.jpg
vietnam Dak Lak 2018.jpg

Vietnam Dak Lak 2018 - NEW ORIGIN -There is a sweet toffee aroma with a flavor that starts off with a mouthwatering acidity but it is a softer and rounder acid tartness.  There is raisin and dried cherry. 


Vietnam Dak Nong 2018 - NEW ORIGIN - Dried fig aroma with a flavor that is big and intense with a nice round acid tartness.

vietnam Dak nong 2018.jpg
vietnam lam dong 2018.jpg

Vietnam Lam Dong 2018 - Big and juicy sums up this bean. Chocolate with a touch of allspice.

Vietnam Tien Giang 2018 -  There is an incredible inherent sweetness to this bean.  The aromas are gardenia and very refreshing.

vietnam Tian Giang 2018.jpg

In the coming week or two we also have a new Fiji arriving along with 4 from Mexico!!  Stay tuned.

It is also worth noting that the two new Vietnam and the Tien Giang are in very limited supply.  I would not expect them to last the month.