Welcome to fall everyone. I hope everyone has had or is having a great Labor day.

We have a nice selection of the new crops of 3 different long time origins.

Dominican Republic Zorzal Organic 2019. As always this is a lovely, intense, low bitterness fruit bomb. This year the whole profile is just a tad bit more restrained but that could also be a way of saying a bit more elegant. Chocolate cherries predominate.

Mexican Chiapas 2019 Direct Trade. The chocolate is sweet, tangy and savory with delicate nutty aromas. It is truly a delight to eat with nuanced notes of sweet and savory.

Guatemala Lachua 2019 An overall full, round flavor profile. A bit juicy if you will. There is also a little papaya and guava and a little bit of gentle acidity. And don't forget the rich chocolate flavor holding it all together.