Chocolate Making Series

We're trying to build out a library of video that will help Chocolate Makers of all levels get better at their craft. Along the way we're actively developing new ongoing content built around that goal. Take a look and see what might help you. 

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How To Make Chocolate at Home

This is the first version of our complete How to make Chocolate at Home series. The alchemist covers it all and you get this wealth of information entirely free. We want more passionate chocolate makers in the world! 

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Ask The Alchemist

The beloved Ask The Alchemist finds new legs by bringing it to video. We answer common questions and conceptual sticking points for chocolate makers of all experience levels. 

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Chocolate Maker's Starting Points

In this series of short videos we're hoping to start you asking questions or give you jumping off points for deeper research. A great place to go test your assumptions and maybe pick up some ready to use tips!