Hi, welcome to the new and improved (I sincerely hope) site. A number of months ago, the service we use to manage Chocolate Alchemy site was hacked and became unusable to us. To make a long story short, we are now using Wordpress to handle a portion of the site. That means a number of things to you, my devoted customers and readers.

  • We now have a search feature (look in the right column, and down a little) and as I can get them in, all the old archives will be searchable.
  • Likewise, new announcements will be categorized for easier browsing.
  • I should be posting more updates, because now it is virtually effortless
  • If you wish to leave a comment or question, I will see it sooner as I am notified (but you will have to register - sorry about that, but comment spam is terrible).

As always, I have done my best to catch any errors before you do, but if you do see any broken links, please drop me a note or comment and I will get them fixed right away.

And now onto a little exciting news. We are now offering a selection (Madagascar, Dominican Republic, and Ocumare) of Roasted Cocoa Beans. The "catch" is that they are in larger quantities (10 lb minimum) to make it feasible.  If you want more than we offer (either in quantity [like a full 150 lb bag] or origin], drop me a note and I am sure we can work it out to get you the cocoa beans you want.

Finally, I have started to process of setting up a Wholesale shopping cart that will be clear and distinct from the current one.  Look for it a little after tax season.

So, what do you think?