I have been seeing this for a couple weeks now. If you have not heard, it relates to the FDA changing the Standard of Identity for a Typical Chocolate. The primary change that seems to have everyone up in arms (justifiably so in my opinion also) is the change to allow up to 25.27% of non-cocoa butter oil in "chocolate". You can see the full set of proposed changes Here. Oddly, there is another proposed change that on the surface looks just as bad, but in this case, I have to say I agree with to the point that I understand it. It concerns the allowance of milk substitutes. I get emails weekly from people that want to make their own chocolate free of milk products, mostly due to allergies. If I am reading the proposed change correctly, there primary reason there is no milk free "milk" chocolate is it can't be called chocolate. The change would allow this. I think this portion is great. I have made fantastic soy and even rice "milk" chocolate and I see no reason that as long as it is labeled properly, that it should be able to be called chocolate.

So, please follow the link above and tell the FDA what you think. I am personally against the oil substitution, but all for the alternative milk ingredients.

And on a small update, the Panama cocoa beans are almost out of stock, so if you want to try a smooth cocoa bean, you may wish to try it soon. Also, we are also offering Roasted Cocoa beans. Ocumare, Dominican Republic and Madagascar are the ones currently available.

Finally, the new shipment of Santha Melangers  should be in anytime now and available by the end of next week.  I will be sure to announce their arrival.