OK, you say that they have always been available.  Well, true and not true.  I have always offered them up to 5 lbs and never as wholesale.  That now changes.  There are Wholesale Nibs now available.  Consider it a test run.  Partly, do they sell, or inversely, if they do, can I keep up. Why am I offering them now?  Well, I have the feeder on my prototype winnower (don't worry beta testers, i have not forgotten you - life just because .....challenging) and I it is currently doing over 2 kg/min.  The best run today (out of 180 lbs of beans in two hours) was 13 lbs of beans in 4.5 mins at a recovery of 80.7%.  Damn fine.

Also, please do read about the pricing.  At first glance they look a bit more expensive than you might expect.  Remember the work involved and that 20% husk is being removed.  Read it over.

And some stock updates.  Sadly, the Carenero Superior fell though.  Sorry all who were as excited as I.  Someone got to it before i could and took the lot.  The new crop of Papua New Guinea should be in this week, and it is a kinder, gentler (for hickory smoked bacon cocoa) cocoa.  A little more depth of flavor than last year.  Also, the Don Homero from Ecuador is also gone.  I hope those that wanted to try it, did try it.  It was unique.  Hopefully it comes around again.  And finally, I just want to pitch the Tanzanian.  I know it doesn't winnow well (even with the new winnower and feeder) but it is really worth the trouble of roasting it yourself.  Check the review out.  There are no signs of the webs mentioned, that I might just take that out of the review.

That's it for now.