Hey folks.  Hang tight.  Many of you have noticed and let me know the site has been down off and on the last few days.  It may continue to happen for a few more days while we work it out.  Actually, we run off two servers - one for content and one for the store and inventory.  The store is, has been and will continue to be up.  The direct link should you want it is http://shop.chocolatealchemy.com/. Also, a couple things to look forward to in the near future.  I will be offering Roasted cocoa (in moderate amounts, less than wholesale) and possibly, if I can work out, a roasted bean of the week where you can just get a couple pounds.  Let me know what you think about these ideas.

And I have a very nice sample of Venezuelan Carenero Superior.  Quite rummy and deep chocolate flavors.   Good clean and even prep.   I am going to be trying something just a little new on this for a short time.  Pre-orders.  Both large and small - and the incentive will be price.  So, make me interested in putting this together and let me know if you like the idea and would pre-order for something like a 25% discount off the list price once it arrives.  This includes full bags.  It's a really great bean and I want people to get it and love it.  Drop me an e-mail or a note here if you might be interested.  An e-mail if you might like a bag and want more details.  And don't worry - there will be more details.  I am just testing the waters at the moment.  Let me know if they are cold or warm.