The new crop is in and lovely.  Right now just the raw Retail pages are up.  Roasted and Wholesale will take me a little longer, but it's coming. Canoabo - A new region and farm, by a farmer (Rodrigo) who knows his cocoa.  This is a delightedly soft cocoa.

Mantuano - It's back, and even better than before.  Delicate and integrated.  And this year, there is plenty to go around.

Ocumare Lugo - This is from the farmers who made Ocumare what it was.  Is this different from the co-op Ocumare.

Patanemo and a micro-lot.  Patanemo Donaldo.  See what different hands can do for the same basic bean.  Donaldo is the farmer who hand selected and fermented this micro-lot.

And so it is not forgotten, I have new fair trade Ghana