Let’s start off with saying this bean ranks in my top 10 favorites ever.  It has virtually everything I love about chocolate rolled into one. Just look how it pegs the chocolate category in the spider graph!  And sweet.  And fruity. And nutty.  The flavors just keep coming and coming.

Yeah, I’m that impressed.

Direct trade from Fiji.  I have a feeling I could eat this chocolate all day long without tiring of it.   But not because it is boring.  It’s just so present and full of flavor and intensity.  I’m really loving this chocolate.  Raisins, creme brule, vanilla and macadamia nuts weave a lovely and complex dance throughout the flavor profile.

And what is more, it is a Forastero.  Very possibly the best Forastero I've ever had.

Get back here!  No walking away because it isn't Criollo.

Forestero beans get a bad rap from the cocoa “experts” who have probably never tried one.  They’re a personal favorite of mine, and you know I’ve tried a few different beans in my time.  Foresteros, with good genetics and most importantly good fermentation and drying, can be wonderfully flavorful.  They’ may not be as bright as Criollo or as dynamically fruity as Trinitario, but what you get is a deep, rich chocolate flavor.

Go check it out.  Both Retail and Wholesale.