Hey everyone and welcome to the holiday rush.  I say this every year but please be patient with your orders.  We are getting them out as fast as we can but they are coming in even faster than we anticipated.  I KNOW the order confirmations say 1-3 days, but it is currently taking that to just get to them and then that again to get them out.  Writing to ask just takes time away from packing them.

Let’s keep on with the Holidays and whatnot.

Testing and evaluation beans are available again.

Gift Certificates are a great way to get your chocolate maker something when you don’t know what they need or want.

There continues to be free shipping on FULL USPS flat rate boxes if you stuff them with ONLY beans, nibs or brewing cocoa.

The IR thermometer we have in stock has been discontinued so the 3 dozen we have is it.

The digital thermocouple, after many months, is back in stock.

That is all for now folks.