This is a gentle reminder that we have entered the countdown period for getting your orders in time for Christmas. 

I know it might seem early but it takes time to process and pack your orders and both the Post office and UPS are slower than usual.

December 13 (yes, tomorrow) is the last day to order for Standard UPS Ground and USPS Priority Mail.  They will ship out Friday December 14.

But you don't have to guess at all.  We've laid it all out.  It's probably handy to check it out.

And the stuff I always mention.

The Chocolate Kit of the Month makes an AWESOME gift for someone with a melanger.

Gift Certificates are a great way to get your chocolate maker something when you don’t know what they need or want.

There continues to be free shipping on FULL USPS flat rate boxes if you stuff them with ONLY beans, nibs or brewing cocoa.

That is all for now folks.  Back to packing.

Oh yeah......

Happy holidays everyone.