Key Concepts

  • you have to incubate your cocoa butter

  • stable temperatures during that period are absolutely critical

  • it takes 12-24 hours

Due to Silk’s temperature sensitivity we have stopped shipping silk till the fall of 2019.


You will need:

  • an incubator

  • untempered cocoa butter

Making Your Own Silk

You need an accurate and precise incubator to make Silk.  It needs to hold the cocoa butter at 92.5 F for approximately 24 hours and not vary by more than +/- 1 F.   You have really 3 good options:

  • The purpose make EZTemper $1000 - Few ounce capacity

  • Circulating Sous Vide of your choice. $150-$250 (we offer the Nomiku) Few pound capacity.

  • Build your own ($50-$150). I built one with a cooler, a beer brewing temperature controller and a heating pad. Capacity up to you.

My choice is a Sous Vide hands down for price, capacity and ease of use.  A Sous Vide is nothing more than a water incubator.  The thermal mass of the water bath makes it super stable.  Let's go over how to use it.

  • Chop up your everyday, untempered cocoa butter and put it into a glass container. I like mason jars. The glass is to add weight so it sinks.

  • Alternatively you can melt your cocoa butter but I found more consistent results from chopping it up.

  • Set the controller to 92.4 F (or 122 F and make great steaks!!) If you decide to melt your cocoa butter, set your controller to 92 F.

  • Put your chopped up cocoa butter in the water bath and come back 12-24 hours later to Silk.

  • Note how it is opaque and thick. Melted cocoa butter is clear. That opaqueness and mayonnaise like texture at the right temperature (92.4 F) is the sign of successful Silk.

  • At this point you can either stir the Silk into your chocolate or let it set up (in a bag is handy) and grate it into your chocolate.

chunks of cocoa butter silk

Good CHunks to start


Note The OPaqueness


  • The cocoa butter didn't melt. Turn the controller up 0.4 F or you didn't wait long enough.

  • The cocoa butter melted and is clear. Turn the controller down 0.4 F.

  • Their are hard chunks in your Silk. You didn't wait long enough or it is just a little too cool. Wait another 12 hours and/or turn the controller up 0.4 F.