Key Concepts

  • You need some 5% silk to start with
  • You're going to make silk from silk you already have which is basically inception. 


You will need:

  • 5 % Silk starter
  • an incubator
  • a plastic bag
  • a pot

This is how I make the Silk that I sell.  It is really nothing more than using the Silk you have on hand to temper cocoa butter.  The two differences are that you use more Silk then when you temper and you melt the cocoa butter (just like you would chocolate).

  1. Use 5% Silk.  You can either grate it or use it in its soft stage (re-softened in or fresh from the Sous Vide)
  2. Melt your cocoa butter and stabilize it at 95-96 F.  Yes, this is much hotter because you are using more seed.
  3. Stir in the Silk.  Note the two different colors (photo 1)
  4. Hold the cocoa butter at 92-93 F for at least 15 minutes ensuring Silk has melted and the cocoa butter should have turned opaque (photo 2).
  5. For large amounts (over 2 lbs) I find it convenient to use my Sous Vide and pot.
  6. Pour your new Silk into a plastic bag and allow to cool (photo 3)
  7. Note the ripples on the bag.  This is a good sign of your success.  Chocolate contracts when it tempers properly.  Silk does it too. (photo 4)
download (1).jpeg
download (2).jpeg