In the coffee industry, there is a term known as cupping. This amounts to taking your green unroasted coffee bean, roasting it, grinding it and mixing it with a measured amount of hot water in a evaluation, or tasting "cup", hence the name. The "coffee" is then sipped and slurped to evaluate it. They often talk of a bean "cupping" well or not. Now this doesn't necessary taste like the coffee you and I might have when you brew the coffee because ours have been rested and there are not ground in the cup. Where am I going with this? Well, there is no comparable term with cocoa beans. So far I have been evaluating beans by roasting them up, peeling them and just eating them whole. It doesn't tell me what the chocolate will taste like, but whether, what are some of the complexities of the bean and its general taste profile. In the chocolate industry they take it a step further and grind it and make a liqueur out of it.

This is where I need your help. I keep wanting to say this bean cupped well, but it is the wrong term. It "liquered" well, the "liquering" was interesting? Just doesn't feel right and doesn't flow.

What new term do I/we invent for this evaluation process of cocoa beans? If you would, leave a note here with your suggestions and rational if you want. It is your chance to help invent a needed word.