You may have noticed I have been a little absent here lately. Actually, a lot has been happening behind the scenes. From the notes below, you can see we had our site and email go down for a while. One of the unfortunate consequences is the email Newsletter member's list has been partially lost. I have a record of everyone who subscribed (exception is those who subscribed since June 20 - I didn't realize the list was down, so those did not "go through"), so I will be getting those re-entered and the Newsletter active again. If you did subscribe in the last few weeks, keep an eye here, and please re-subscribe when I have it working.

On a similar note, when our email when down, the entire server was lost, so we did not receive quite a number of emails for two reasons: 1) the server overloaded and a number of emails were bounced; 2) we failed to establish the primary email we use for contacting us (contact at chocolatealchemy dot com). So, usually, we take GREAT pride in answering ALL emails. I you have written and not received an answer in the past few weeks, please write again. We now have a new server and the email is all fixed.

Now, on a chocolate note, the new Santha Wet Grinders are due to be in next week and all back orders should be out by the end of the week. We also have run out of a couple of varieties of cocoa beans recently. We are out of the Carenero Superior (a usual staple), the polished Jamaican Trinatario and Ghana Forastero. There is plenty of stock of the Cuyagua and Ocumare (both Criollos from Venezuela) and the Papua New Guinea is a nice change that I really recommend. On the new front, we finally have Fair Trade Ghana Forastero on the way (available in a couple weeks), and have started our Certified Organic certification for carrying Organic Cocoa.

That is about it. Happy chocolate making everyone.