Today is just a small laundry list of announcements, some of which I would like your opinions on. There is no Ask the Alchemist because my queue is empty.  If you chocolate making (or other things you might like me to talk and ramble about) send them via the form on the side. With that in mind...

#1 - Would you like to see Ask the Alchemist via email every week?

A number of people have asked.  But I know I don't like getting emails I have little interest in.  Of course, it would only go out to people that have already subscribe to our newsletter.

If you have not seen it, we have a Youtube Channel. And the newest video is up.

How to Make Milk Chocolate

We have recently been talking about Cocoa butter Silk.  I'm curious.


#2 -  Would anyone be interested if we offered small amounts of Silk?

You can test out the method and see if you want to invest in your own Sous Vide or you can use it to propagate your own in short order.

Either let me know via email or in the comments below.



the new crop of Maranon (Heirloom cocoa from Peru) is in.

And another new origin - Haiti!

Look for both next week.

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